Rustic Pregnancy Announcement ideas - Wen and Wear Rustic Pregnancy Announcement ideas - Wen and Wear Rustic Pregnancy Announcement ideas - Wen and Wear Rustic Pregnancy Announcement ideas - Wen and WearRustic Pregnancy Announcement ideas - Wen and WearRustic Pregnancy Announcement ideas - Wen and Wear

Our family is growing and we are so excited to announce we are expecting baby #2 in July!

Our babies won’t really be Irish twins. Siena Rose was born late June and this new baby is due late July 2019. But that being said, S-Rose was due mid July 2018 and she came 3 weeks early. So we won’t know until he or she is here, but the two will be just a year apart!

How we found out

My cycle had been weird ever since I stopped breastfeeding so I just thought my period would eventually come. Things at work were also stressing me out so I just thought that was also playing a factor on why I was late. But when my period was taking a bit too long to show up I had a nagging suspicion I was pregnant. I even texted my best friend saying “I’m terrified I am pregnant!” She just laughed, probably thinking I was overreacting.

So I held off testing for a few days. I just did not have the guts to confirm it. So I told my husband I was really worried I was pregnant and he goes, “No way, there’s no way. You’re worrying for nothing.”

Welp, I took one pregnancy test and it showed a positive reading immediately. I literally threw the test in the trashcan immediately. No way, there had to be a mistake. My heart was in my throat. Then, not telling Trey I had already taken one test, I told him I wanted to take a test to confirm it. I had to take a second test to really convince myself. Second test read “YES” immediately. Hah. There was no denying it. Trey laughed when I showed him the results. I, on the other hand, was in complete shock.

Did we plan this?

Obviously, this was definitely an unplanned baby, but we are grateful for this new life nonetheless.

We will be tired, that’s for sure, but our hearts will be full.

To say I was not overwhelmed when I first found out and that I took the news with great joy would be a lie. Never in a million years did I think that I’d be pregnant again just months after giving birth and knee deep in the trenches of being a new parent. Siena Rose was just starting to consistently sleep through the night. We had a comfortable routine going and BAM, I was pregnant again.

To say the news knocked me off my feet is an understatement. I remember crying while giving S-Rose a bath a few nights later thinking about how much I wanted to give her all the time and love that she deserved, especially being so young. Work was also throwing me for a loop making me extra upset and I just felt so selfish because I wanted to spoil Siena Rose more.

I was also worrying and dreading the onslaught of first trimester symptoms while also having to take care of an infant! I could barely keep myself together with no babies the first time around, how was I supposed to care for and give S-Rose attention and love when I’d be battling nausea and extreme exhaustion?!

I was also just getting back into shape, losing some baby weight and feeling like myself. I mean, my jeans just started fitting again! How could this be?

And you know what? Looking back now, I see how I was so ungrateful, untrusting of God’s will and so so selfish. God has blessed our family, blessed me, beyond measure and I was ungrateful. He is about to expand my heart in ways I could never imagine. Of course I would still be able to give S-Rose all the love and care she needed, while also giving this new baby all the love and attention he/she needs.

My first trimester with baby #2 was a breeze compared to S-Rose (yes, I’m already in my 2nd trimester). I had very little exhaustion and the nausea was not that bad – nothing Preggie Pops, ginger tea and gingerale couldn’t fix. Again, God’s hand showing me I never had to worry about being too sick or exhausted to care for S-Rose.

I’m ashamed to even admit how worried I was about my looks and body weight. When I was having all of these superficial worries I stumbled upon a really beautiful blog post from a woman who recently gave birth, where she summed up motherhood as the natural Eucharist. She made me realize that being able to carry a child and give birth is such an incredible gift because it awards us the opportunity to unite ourselves with Christ and truly live out what He did for us: “This is my body, given up for you.” What a privilege and immense grace that is.

I came to realize my life is no longer lived for me, but for my children. My body is no longer mine, but something I’d readily sacrifice for my children.

Becoming a mother has given me the greatest, indescribable joy. I always tell my husband that I’ve never been happier in my life. There are days I’m tired and things frustrate me, but I’m never not happy.

As for Trey, he was ecstatic right from the get go. He’s always been the voice of reason and one to push all my worries away. He’s hoping for another little girl/little sister for Siena Rose. It’s also because he loves his little girl so much and he’d love more little girls. But really, we’d both be happy with either.

I’m currently 17 weeks along now and it’s crazy to think that we’ll know the gender in just 3 weeks!

Thank you for allowing us to share this exciting news with you! I hope you keep on following along 😘.


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I love this Wen! You will be amazing and you always look fabulous! Love the post you shared from Emily Wilson. So happy for your family!!


Thank you so much for the love, Sharon <3

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