Sweater: Express (old, similar here & here)
Skirt: J.Crew (Factory version)
Boots: Michael Kors
Sunglasses: Chloe
Diaper bag: Tory Burch
Stroller: Uppababy Vista
Carseat: Uppababy Mesa

A few weeks back Siena Rose and I tagged along on Trey’s work trip wanting to make it into our first little family adventure. This would be Siena Rose’s first flight at 3.5 months!

So the two weeks leading up to the trip, my mom was making me feel so guilty and awful for taking her on this trip at such a young age. I will say, since becoming a mom, I’ve had a “let’s do this” and “we got this” kind of attitude. So when we initially made the decision to go, several months back, I wasn’t too worried. But my mom kept scaring, telling me the baby was too young, that she was going to get sick, and that “the poor baby shouldn’t have to fly and travel at such a young age”. I was convinced I had made a mistake!

But you know what? We did it and, and thank the Lord, the baby did awesome! She didn’t cry and slept through the whole flight there and also on the flight home!

I will say that if packing wasn’t already stressful enough, try packing for an infant! I was so stressed because I didn’t want to forget anything. Days before I had to make a comprehensive checklist and made sure I packed extras of everything, just in case. We also watched this video, which gave great advice on traveling with a baby since we had no idea what to expect!


The best decision we made was to check-in all of our baggage. Usually Trey and I each have a carry-on as to not pay the check-in fee, but we didn’t want the stress of carrying the baby, diaper bag and all of our luggage. Somehow we managed to fit all of our clothes, the baby’s clothes and baby supplies in two carry-on sized bags. And thank goodness for Delta’s baby policy, we checked-in our stroller and our carseat for free! We bought this travel bag to pack our stroller and this bag to pack our carseat. We only needed to pack the carseat because it could be buckled in and secured without the base. That was nice since it was one less thing we had to worry about.

Since we checked in everything, all I had to carry was her diaper bag and the baby in this carrier. It worked out perfectly and she slept all through check-in, security and right up to the gate. See her in the carrier below:

Our flight there departed at noon and our flight home departed at 7 am. We didn’t plan it, but both flights timing lined up perfectly with her sleep schedule. I did bring extra pacifiers as to help her ears with the pressure during take off and landing. However, she was asleep for both so it wasn’t necessary. But I’d definitely recommend feeding your baby or giving a paci to suck on to help with their ears.

I think one of the most stressful parts for me, but especially my husband – the germaphobe, was going through security and the airport with all the airport germs. Trey hated that TSA had to take out the carseat and inspect it. He also hated that they had to take out the baby bottles in my diaper bag to be inspected. He had to asked them to change their gloves before handling the bottles. Thank goodness I remembered to pack disinfecting wipes because we wiped down everything after the security check – all her bottles, carseat, basically anything that TSA touched.

Exploring D.C.

After Trey was done with his conference, we explored Georgetown for a few hours one evening and the next day I took Trey back to where I used to intern and work. It was such much fun and nostalgic. I absolutely love D.C. and it was so cool getting to show Trey around and go back to all my favorite spots.

The baby did so great while we were out and about. We fed and changed her on the go and she put up with it like a champ. Whenever she got fussy and tired of the carseat, I’d just put her in the carrier and then she was a happy baby again.

I packed three outfits for the trip and only packed one pair of shoes, which were these boots (ON SALE). They were comfortable enough for me to walk a few hours each day.

Where we ate

The first night we ordered in Chinese to our hotel room because it was cold and raining and we didn’t want to risk getting  baby sick. But the rest of the trip we ate at

  • Luke’s lobster in Georgetown – it’s expensive, but a favorite of ours. We usually get lobster rolls every time we go up north.
  • Georgetown Cupcakes – we have one in Atlanta, but I needed to take Trey back to where it all started! They are hands down my favorite cupcakes (better than Sprinkles IMHO).
  • Founding Farmers – near Dupont Circle
  • Chef Tony’s Seafood Fresh Seafood Restaurant – outside of the city, but relatively closer to our hotel

What worked for us

What worked for us when traveling with a 3.5 month old..

  • Booking flights around her nap time
  • Checking-in all of our luggage and only carrying the essentials in a diaper bag
  • Traveling with our stroller system – I love how our Uppababy Mesa snaps right into place with the Uppababy Vista stroller. It makes traveling so convenient. The Vista’s large basket also was great for all the stuff we had to take with us for a full day out. It fit our diaper bag, all our milk, extra blankets and jackets for the cold, as well as shopping and take-out bags :).
  • Changing and feeding her wherever convenient. Thank goodness Siena-Rose only happened to get hungry whenever we were at a restaurant, but there were a some times when we just stopped into a coffee shop, fed and changed her, grabbed coffee and took it as an opportunity to rest our legs.
  • Napping on the go – she napped like a champ in her carseat while we were out. But we also weren’t out for more that 5 hours at a time so she could have proper nap back at the hotel.
  • Sleeping in our bed in the hotel…we requested a mini-crib for our room, which most hotels should provide depending on the hotel chain, but we didn’t really use it because it looked dirty and old. Next go around, I would have just requested a room with two beds.
  • Sponge-bathing her…we just did a sponge bath when bathing her since she was too big for the sink, but I was considering getting this sink cover or this portable bathtub.
  • Cleaning her bottles –  we brought along this travel dish soap by Babyganics (love the brand and it’s all we use) and this travel brush set to clean her bottles and dried them using hotel towels we laid out on the sink.


All trip outfit details below:

Dress: AE
Hat: Brixton (also here)
Boots: Michael Kors

Hello friends! It’s been a while, I know…I wish I could get back into blogging regularly, but as I am still getting the hang of work and being a new mom, I haven’t quite found the balance of baby, working and blogging.


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