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Hello stranger. It’s been a while since I’ve found time to post and I apologize for the lack of outfit and life sharing. We are just under two weeks away from the big day so in honor of this exciting/nerve-wracking/hectic time in our lives, I thought I’d take a moment to share some photos from our engagement shoot (which we’ll be posting around our venue) and the story of how Trey went about buying my ring.

Since we’ve first got engaged, I’ve gotten several questions about my engagement ring, how Trey went about getting it, and how he knew what style I wanted. While we were still dating, Trey and I talked about marriage a good bit. We were serious about each other and we knew that we wanted to get married someday, but only when we were ready (I was in no rush). To start off, I didn’t know a lot of these facts until Trey told me after the proposal.

Trey and I never went ring shopping together. It’s not my style and it’s not his. I didn’t want to know when it was happening or that it was happening. We both wanted it to be a complete surprised. Trey has never liked the idea of me knowing about a ring or going to pick one out. He says that it looked forced…too obvious. Hah. So about a year before he proposed he asked me to send him a picture of the type/style of ring I would like (talk about not being obvious). So I knew he was thinking about it, I just didn’t know how serious he was. And at the time I made sure to let Trey know I was not ready to get engaged anytime soon. But little did I know he was already ring shopping with my uncle!

Why my uncle? It’s because my uncle’s family is in the jewelry business and he wanted to make sure Trey was getting the best bang for his buck or most bling for the ring 😉. Trey had no idea how to shop for a quality diamond (neither did I), while also making sure he was getting a good deal for it. Since my uncle was the one who helped him, only he knew Trey was planning to propose. Along with Trey’s parents who also knew because he showed them the ring the day he bought it.

That was about seven months before he proposed. So for seven months Trey had the ring. And for those seven months, every vacation, anniversary, whatever occasion, Trey’s mom would think that was when Trey was going to pop the question. But he didn’t. It’s hilarious to me now, but his poor mother! My aunt and uncle were the same way, wondering what was taking him so long and what was he waiting for. He was waiting for me. Haha. He was waiting for me to move back to Atlanta. He was waiting for me to show him I was ready. And he was waiting for my professional life to stabilize. And I’m so glad he waited.

Anyways, with my uncle’s help and expertise, Trey was able to pick out a beautiful ring. One that I absolutely love especially since it came from the man whom I absolutely love. So there you go, our ring story :).

On me: dress (similar here) & heels

On Trey: linen button up : khakis

Photos by my sweet, sweet cousin, BT Photography.

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