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Dress: Loft | Sunglasses: Le Specs | Bag: Old Navy

Hello stranger!

No more excuses. I’m not going to even try. I’m sorry, but I’ve just been crazy, crazy busy with work and with life and it’s just going to get even crazier from here. I’ll give you some quick updates…

WORK: super busy, I was working like crazy these past two weeks due to Hurricane Matthew (pray for all those affected) and will continue to be busy helping with the aftermath.

LIFE: any free time has been spent with friends, family, and fiance (not necessarily in that order). Thank God for Trey because he’s basically been doing ALL the wedding prep. It’s so funny because I always assumed the groom wasn’t really hands-on or involved in all the wedding stuff. But since I’ve had no time to handle anything that churches and venues entail, Trey has taken over and done it all, and without my prompting. I’m so soo grateful for this man of mine. We’ve officially nailed down a date with the church and basically signed off on the venue. Trey jokes that I’ve done nothing and he’s been the only one corresponding with our vendors, which is very true, but hopefully that will change.

On to the dress…

I got this Loft Hydrangea Ruffled Maxi a while back and I’m so excited to see it’s on sale! The leaves are quickly changing and I couldn’t wait to wear this beauty out. It’s perfect for the cool, but not quite cold, weather.

I will try to stop being so lazy and start posting more regularly, especially with wedding updates!

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