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We’re engaged!

It’s been a week since Trey proposed, and I think I’m still in shock! We’ve been dating for almost 3 and a half years now, and all I’ve been hearing from people is ‘It’s about time!’, but it still feels so unreal.

It’s so funny how it all happened and the timing of it. So two Friday’s ago (Sept. 9) Trey went and asked my dad for my hand in marriage. Apparently my dad was a little taken aback, but put up no fight, and very readily gave me away (I’m his only daughter/child). That same Friday I had gotten a job offer and was over the moon! That weekend my parents and Trey and I went out to eat dinner to celebrate. Little did I know my parents were plotting with Trey behind my back on how he should propose. My parents wanted to throw a party where Trey would propose in front of my whole family and surprise me, and disguise it as a party to celebrate me getting a job.

Like a good sport, Trey went along with my parents requests, but really didn’t feel comfortable with it. So Trey called my best friend and one of my cousins to seek their help and advice. Thank goodness they both know me so well because they told Trey it was not a good idea to listen to my parents and I would not be happy with such a public proposal. — I love my family, but I’ve always wanted the event to be something between us.

So here’s how he did it:

On Thursday (Sept. 15), the day before I was to start my new job, Trey told me he’d take me out to get a massage to celebrate me starting my job. He also told me we could go into the city to take some blog pics, since I would be really busy once I started work. I thought it was strange that he was so willing to do all of this because he usually hates taking blog pics. I’m always the one that has to ask him. Anyways, we’re driving around the city and I ask him where he wanted to take pictures. He suggests a few places, which I didn’t like so I suggested Piedmont Park. This was all a part of his plan, apparently. He wanted me to say Piedmont Park. So we get to the park and I told him there was a specific spot I wanted to go, but instead he said he wanted to walk around a little bit. He ended up leading me to this dock on the pond. The same dock and spot where we had our first date.

That’s when my heart dropped a little. But I didn’t really want to believe it. We walked to the middle of the dock and that’s when he pulled out this poem he had written. Trey starts reading it to me, and for the first few lines, I can’t hear anything he’s saying to me. At this point, I’m just really confused. I couldn’t understand what was happening. After a few seconds, I started realizing what was happening and I hear these last few lines,

“It’s not just you I love, I love your family too…I love you so so much, I’m now going to get down on one knee, and ask you the most important question, will you marry me?”

At this point I’m just crying, tears running down my face (and make up too). Trey proposed at such a meaningful place. It’s just crazy to see that we really have come full circle.

I honestly can’t believe I’m marrying the guy who sat next to me in a high school english class.


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