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Dress: ASOS | Hat: Nordstrom rack | Booties: Treasure&Bond via Nordstrom

I just dropped a load of money on new tires. ;(

It all started when Trey and I were on a our way to get a bite to eat after church Sunday. It was raining and hard to see. And just as I am getting off onto the exit, we hear this loud BOOM! At first I thought I had hit something or someone had hit me without us realizing it. I quickly checked my rearview and side mirrors and nothing, not one car close to us. Then the dreaded tire gauge ping came on – low tire pressure. But I didn’t feel anything, couldn’t be, I told Trey. But as we continued driving off the exit ramp, sure enough, we heard the rolling of my rim.

Thank goodness for trusty boyfriends, we had a spare on the cooper in no time! So Monday morning I headed down to the dealership to get new tires. I’m wearing the outfit above.  And the first thing the guy at the dealership asks me is ‘Do you dress like that all the time?’ Hah. Me: ‘I try to.’ -__-

I was not about to explain to him that I was going to take outfit pictures for my blog (just another excuse to be taken advantage of) .

Hope you’re having a good week so far! My dress seems to be sold out, but I’ve linked some similar ones herehere, and here.

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