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Cut out dress: Wayf | Sandals: Steve Madden | Crossbody bag: Old Navy

Peekaboo! I am currently loving any type of dress/jumpsuit that has a cut out. It shows off just enough skin without revealing your whole midriff. And every now and then you feel a nice breeze across your upper abdomen which is nice…(is that weird?) It’s especially nice in this heat!

I got this Wayf Floral Print Halter Midi dress on sale (here) just the other week (for under $40) and have been dying to wear it. It’s very comfortable, but does run small in the chest/ribs area. I ordered both a small and medium and ended up going with the medium. The small fit perfectly in the skirt area but was so tight in the chest area (this dress has wiring on the sides). Compared to the medium which fit perfect in the chest area but was really big in the skirt area. The cut out was actually gaping and showing my belly button. But it was a quick fix with a few safety pins here and there and voila, problem solved!

Sizes are still available here and here. And here is a very similar style.

Hope you all have a safe and fun Fourth of July weekend! I’m headed out of town and packing this red, white, and blue dress!


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