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Off shoulder dress: ASOS | Heels: Nine West (similar) | Sunglasses: Tom Ford

Wedding season is in full swing, and Trey and I have a few to attend this season between the both of us.

I absolutely love weddings! I love the food, the dancing, the whole affair, and of course, getting dressed up (oh, the bride and groom too).

This is a dress I picked out for a relative’s wedding this past weekend. I immediately fell in love with it when I saw it! I especially loved the scalloped detailing along the neckline. But I was a little hesitant because it’s practically white…

I think it’s a rule of thumb that the only person who should be wearing white is the bride.

Finding the perfect dress to attend a wedding can be a bit stressful.

Here are a few rules I usually go by when getting dressed for a wedding:

If it’s white, it’s a no-no. But I think since this dress has large prints all over, it makes it acceptable. Now, I plan to re-wear this dress for more special occasions, including weddings but it depends on which wedding. If you question if a dress is appropriate —- think it through and feel out the bride. If you’re close to her, I would email her asking if it’s okay. If you’re not, and you’re a plus one, just play it safe. I would not want to offend a bride on her special day, no matter how much you like a dress…

I’m went to a Vietnamese wedding where the bride is really lax on that kind of thing, so this dress was a go! But I did see a few guests wearing all out white dresses!

Formal or casual? This is so tough for me. Growing up, I only attended Vietnamese weddings and the guests go all out for that. Now that I’m attending friends’ weddings, it’s tough to gauge how dressy it is if it’s not specified on the invitation. I would first look up the venue and the couple’s theme. If it’s at a really nice venue, most likely it’ll be dressier. If its at a club house, not as fancy, dress down. If you’re unsure, my advice: don’t pick something frilly or too puffy. Find something like this. This can be dressed up with a bold lipstick and statement earrings or dressed down with simple make up and jewelry.

Shoes? Be prepared to dance. You never know if it’s going to be a laidback wedding or a full out dance party. But either way, wear comfortable shoes. I don’t wear anything more than a 3-inch heel to weddings. And the trend now is the block heel, so there are SO many options out there. Sure you can always go barefoot, but you risk getting your toes stomped on. *Eh hem…Trey.*

*Review on this ASOS Scallop Neck Skater Dress: the dress the model is wearing has less prints then the one I received. I actually ordered two sizes (4 and 6), and although the 4 fit perfectly, I ended up going with the 6 because it had more prints and detailing on it. Sadly, they don’t come consistent :/.

I hope this helps you if you’re in a ‘what to wear’ pickle!


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