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Necklace: Ann Taylor | Bag: J.Crew Edie | Top: Ann Taylor |Shorts: Ann Taylor

“Swiss cheese has never looked so good in black.” – Trey

This matchy matchy combo is currently on sale at Ann Taylor! And unlike holey cheese, both the shorts and blouse are actually made of a really nice eyelet material.

If you know me, you know I love rompers, jumpsuits, and any type of one piece. But what I love even more than one pieces are 2 pieces made to look like a one piece! The best thing about sets is that they can be repurposed to be worn as separates. I plan to wear this blouse to work with a high-waist pant or skirt (to cover my midriff) and these shorts are versatile enough to be worn with tees, tanks, and more.

*For reference I’m wearing an XSP – top and regular 0 – shorts. I probably could have gone with a regular XS in the top but I wanted it to be a bit shorter.

If it seems like I’m not smiling as much in these pictures, it’s because I’m not. Right as our shoot began, Trey and I got into an argument about how these pictures should be taken. Working with your significant other is both a blessing and a curse. But at the end of the day, I am always appreciative of my #instagramhusband

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