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Dress: NY&C Off-The-Shoulder Floral Maxi | Belt: H&M Tassel belt | Clutch: Tory Burch

This dress was bought in advance for Mother’s Day festivities, but this year’s Mother’s Day for my family was unlike past years. This year my mom spent the day in the hospital with my dad.

A few days before Mother’s Day, my dad had to have heart surgery. Most of the weekend was spent in the hospital watching over my dad, who is now home recovering (the surgery was a success, thank God). On Sunday, my boyfriend and I went to church with my mom and had plans to take her out to breakfast to celebrate. But being the selfless person she is, my mom could not celebrate without my dad by her side. So we decided to save the celebration for another weekend. Besides, shouldn’t we treat our moms as if everyday is Mother’s Day?

As for this dress, it will get plenty of wear this summer.

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